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Take Private Placement Advertising Seriously...
or lose capital to those that do.

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Seeking Accredited Investors?

Capital formation in the United States will never be the same. Not since the advent of the 1933 Securities Act and the formation of the public stock exchange has there been a more dramatic event to spur innovation and create jobs. With passage of the JOBS ACT, the adoption of the rules eliminating the ban on general solicitation, and the pending adoption of rules regulating crowdfunding, the investment game has changed.

How you communicate with your investors is more important than ever.
Anyone with a business plan and an idea will be allowed to advertise to solicit investment in their company; private equity funds, hedge funds, oil and gas partnerships, real estate partnerships, movies and more will be using every means possible to reach the more than 8 million accredited investors in the U.S. Investors will soon be inundated with emails, newspaper ads, and invitations to events.

Zacks Direct was created specifically to cater to this market space.
Zacks Direct – Alternative Investment Advertising is led by seasoned professionals from both the world of finance and direct marketing. We are a full-service advertising agency focused on helping our clients communicate with investors. We provide a full suite of marketing services to suit any reasonable budget from template-based communications to custom solutions that are tailored to reach a specific pool of investors.

Tap into a knowledge base and experience to help you stand out from the crowd.
The Zacks Companies have raised more than 3 billion dollars for their own mutual and hedge funds. Half a million daily subscribers read our investment research and financial opinion pages. With over 30 years of experience communicating with investors, we are uniquely positioned to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We’re eager to accept your challenge!
Zacks Direct has the knowledge of individual investment structures, understanding of the investment audience, and the support of in-house financial and advertising compliance professionals to help you achieve your financial investment goals.

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